Dreamality Inc.

Why Dreamality?

Why use Dreamality and its technologies?

Virtual reality is the future computing platform. Facebook, Samsung, Google and Microsoft have all invested billions of dollars towards the industry because they realize virtual reality and augmented reality are the next step in creating immersive platforms that affect all of our senses and let consumers engage in technology like never before.

Dreamality has created cutting edge technologies utilizing VR since 2012, when the Oculus rift was still a developer kit on kickstarter. We built the first immersive VR motion platform, the first immersive VR haunted house and now the first shared immersive VR system in motion. We have always realized the endless possibilities of the technology, it offers so much more than just gaming.

  • We Attract
  • We Engage
  • We Communicate
  • We Impress
  • We Are Remembered

What makes us unique…

At Dreamality, we build systems using VR and AR technologies for marketing, business solutions, education and entertainment. We have proprietary platforms and software that is not available anywhere else in the standard business world. We have individuals that have knowledge and experience in very specialized areas in the technology industry allowing Dreamality to create platforms and content from start to finish. Our solutions are delivered with the latest in technology and created with the best in marketing communications. Functionality and cosmetics are just a foundation that we build upon with realistic situations and creativity to make our client standout from the competition. We are the only business like this in this region and are partnered with a complete marketing company (AroundUS Corporation).

Our proprietary platforms and systems that can benefit any industry, business and organization with content that is developed by our team and customized to meet specific goals. We have a wide variety of systems and programs for marketing, real estate, team-building, history, geography, education and entertainment.

Current Projects

Americana Theater:
Immersive shared VR simulated trolley and train rides.

  • America the Beautiful (The story of Katharine Lee Bates)
  • Infinitely Better (Women in early automotive history-Bertha Benz-Charlotte Bridgwood-Florence Lawrence-)
  • High Stakes (Train robbery using classic cars, the Newton Gang)

History and Education

  • The American Dream (Life story of Hau Thai-Tang
  • Round About (Alice Huyler Ramsey – first woman to drive across America)
  • Inside the Engine (Ford engine – early automotive engine design – implementation of assembly lines)
  • The Babe (Talk with Babe Ruth hologram)
  • Drive Safe (Frightening experience to show the dangers of texting while driving)

VR Terror Tours

  • Ticket to Terror
  • Dead Sexy

Other Entertainment Experiences

  • Sharing Joy (A ride with Santa)

Past Projects:

Immersive VR Motion Theater:

  • Soaring Over the Rockies (Flight on an eagle over Rockies)
  • Battle Flight (Ride in a military helicopter during battle)
  • Virtually Dead
  • Alien Abduction

Making Dreams Reality