Pueblo Chieftain on Dreamality

A TRINIDAD couple has launched a venture aimed at capturing the imagination — and the business — of new age customers through new technology.

Jay Martinez and his wife, E.R.A. McCarthey, employ a team of software and robotic engineers at Dreamality Inc. and AroundUS Corp. to develop technology for delivering information and entertainment.

One of their products, Dreamality, can re-enact historical events — the Ludlow Massacre, a stagecoach robbery or a ride along the Highway of Legends — with a sort of virtual reality show that draws in people, particularly the young.

“There is a lot of history here, but kids don’t always want to stop at historical places and look at plaques,” Mr. Martinez said. “They don’t want to go to the welcome center and get all of this literature. They can’t relate to information presented that way.”

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