Dreamsynthesis (Dreamality Inc.)

By Kathleen Donnelly (From Around SoCO Magazine Feb. 2014)

There is no limit to the ideas and dreams originating from the creative brains at AroundUS Corporation, and now the comprehensive marketing, advertising, tech and publishing company, has spun off an inspirational new sister company. Dreamality, Inc., is what its CEO, Jay Martinez, calls “a true technology company,” a company that Martinez says entertains, educates, informs and ‘Wows’! And Dreamality has a new product that is all of that and more.

For the past eight months Jay has been working with new business partner and Chief Technology Officer Bruce Girdlestone, to create an entire system that delivers a custom storytelling experience for the viewer. It combines elements of video, 3D, motion and gaming technologies.

“We build and project 3-D worlds,” Jay explains. “It gives you an ultra-wide field of view. We also use virtual reality seats that we’ve named ‘Dream Actuators’ that use movement and other sensory elements such as smell and touch to create any experience. You can ride in a coal car going down into a mine with flickering lights, and creaking timbers, or gallop on horseback as a pony express rider, or experience a journey along the Santa Fe Trail in a covered wagon. You can soar on the back of an eagle and ride the rapids down a rushing mountain stream, or you can conduct an orchestra, or even travel into outer space,” he said. “This is what we call ‘Dreamsynthesis’.” Our slogan is: ‘Making Dreams Reality’.

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Making Dreams Reality