Interactive Kiosks & Displays

Interactive Kiosks

Our team can make your project a reality quickly and cost-effectively. From Android to iOS (iPad/iPhone) to large screen presentations, we bring the creative and technical expertise. Let us handle all creative content development including writing, graphics, layout and 3D rendering.

We can deliver touchscreens large and small, kiosk enclosures (custom and off-the-shelf), computers and mounting equipment. Our installation team does on-site installation leaving you with nothing to worry about. We offer monitoring and on-going maintenance of your kiosk solution. Our kiosks can report back to you on their performance with our analytics package as well.

Our Interactive kiosks are self-contained computing terminals that provide access to on-demand information and transactions. These systems employ modular hardware designs that can be expanded to include numerous peripherals, such as touchscreens, thermal printers, and card scanners. You will typically see a touch screen and on-screen keyboard used for data entry, along with card readers and barcode scanners. A thermal printer is the most common output device.

Interactive Displays

Interactive Images & Displays can transform your shop front or other window display to the most modern and effective available today and into the future. Using from one to many monitors, we can create the perfect solution for your business. Combined with the new Sunlight Readable LCD screens, our extremely flexible, visually attractive and effective software, Dreamality Inc. provides the ultimate display with features including:
• Attracts clients to your window
• Independent monitor display
• Simultaneous multi image rotations
• Real daytime viewing
• Stunning night time display
• Special event integration
• Staff profiles integration
• Automatic on line monitoring
• Automatic on line content updating
• Elimination of content and data double handling

To further our commitment to our clients, we offer the ultimate in boardroom training and reception area displays.

For the boardroom, large LCD/Plasma Screens for high quality data projectors provide a powerful medium for getting your message across. Linked to our very user friendly Joey Professional software and sophisticated hardware you are in control of the ultimate presentation system. Your clients will be impressed by the superb quality our unique systems bring to the table.

For staff training, the large screens bring topics to life with sharp images and very friendly software and hardware that allows you to easily conduct training sessions in a meaningful and positive manner.

For the reception area a large screen display of your products and services is an ideal way to promote your business or organization. Visitors often have to wait for varying periods in reception areas and a well-structured large screen display will keep them engaged and focused on the message you wish to convey.

Making Dreams Reality