Dream Actuator

Dream Actuators

Dream Actuators are Virtual Reality Motion Simulators

The Dream Actuator seamlessly integrates immersive or augmented virtual reality glasses with a motion theater platform we built to have a significant range of motion using software our company developed.

We use the Unity Game Development Platform to build the worlds for our immersive experiences. We stimulate a number of senses, not only sight and sound. The motion platform enables users to move through the 360 degree virtual world. The addition of vibration and scent deepens user experience.

  • Each rider has a unique 360 degree view of the same virtual environment.
  • The platform moves to the virtual reality experience.
  • The platform was built to allow a significant range of motion including a complete 45 degree tilt.
  • Visually stunning environments, complex interactive experiences and competitive multiplayer games all experienced on a motion platform.
  • High end graphics PCs generate the real time content each rider experiences, so we are not limited to low resolution of the home based gaming machines.
  • We have the capability to integrate our custom software to any VR headset.
  • Development team includes industry trained 3d movie artists who can build any experience the customer desires.

What Makes the Dream Actuator Amazing?

Augmented and immersive virtual reality devices provide users with amazingly real experiences. But why stop with vision. Our platform incorporates various motions, vibrations, stereo sounds and scents to create complete experience. We can truly let people experience anything they can dream.

A Complete Motion Theater

Dreamality has developed a way to attract and engage your audience with an unforgettable experience. Utilizing the future of technology and the best in today’s marketing tools you can deliver your message or story with entertainment. Give people a reason to stop and listen. Create a line of excited individuals ready to hear what you have to say. Education and promotion is easy when it’s delivered through entertainment and is now unforgettable with technology.

Imagine any world in the past, present or future and we can take your audience there! Historic locations, imaginary landscapes or exotic destinations, the possibilities are endless. The future is here and we make dreams reality with our Virtual Reality Motion Simulator the Dream Actuator. We deliver true Virtual Reality in 360 degrees and in full 3D submerging viewers into any world. We take the experience to the next level by moving the viewer with a motion platform synchronized to the motion in the virtual world, stimulating every sense and making your dream a reality for every viewer.

Turn any location into a real time motion theater ride with Dream Actuators. True motion simulated rides that transcend time, space and imagination! With our unique and cost effective motion seats, you won’t have to compromise your standards for successful entertainment, customer satisfaction and unparalleled instant profitability, with a ROI (Return On Investment) from as little as 3 months from date of installation!

Convenient Installation Anywhere!

Making Dreams Reality