New Partnership

TechWise is thrilled to announce the addition of a virtual reality company called Dreamality to their organization in partnership with AroundUS Corporation. TechWise has been dedicated to improving human performance for 23 years by providing fully managed large-scale training and software solutions. They focus on innovation for all customers and every project by process improvement or by integrating technology and systems into organizations to improve the effectiveness of people and ultimately help the organization achieve their mission. “We are excited to include this technology in our scope of work at TechWise. We know the expanse of what is possible will be truly exciting on a global level”, says Shawnee Starr, President and CEO of TechWise.

TechWise entered into the gaming market about 3 years ago and currently has about a dozen games that target decision making for the military and other complex entities with the newest game focusing on Cyber Security for all organizations. TechWise has just layered virtual reality onto this competency by creating the joint venture Dreamality with AroundUS Corporation.

AroundUS is a southern Colorado based marketing company that is known for unique, creative and extremely successful integrated media marketing campaigns that include everything from websites to billboards. AroundUS has had a passion for VR since its early beginnings and was one of the first to build a virtual reality motion platform and the very first to build an immersive virtual reality haunted house. “I’m excited to work with such an amazing group of people and bring our concept to life,” says Jay Martinez, COO of Around US Corporation.

Making Dreams Reality